Meditation For Beginners

Sahaja Yoga begins with an experience that is effortless, and spontaneouswhere you gain a new dimension in your awareness and witness the absolute truth. Practice for a few days and you should witness positive changes within yourself. Once you start meditating regularly, there is a wide range of benefits you can tap into – from stress reduction, strengthening attention span, improving memory, boosting confidence to attaining higher spiritual awareness – the list goes on. All you need is a pure desire to begin your journey.

Press the play button which will take you through the guided meditation. If you want to try it without audio, place both your hands with palms upwards on your lap, look at Shri Mataji's picture and relax. Say in your heart, with all your pure desire, "Mother, please give me my Self-Realization". Say this three times.

During the experience you should keep your hands open while keeping your eyes closed. Try to sit with your back straight but comfortably. Taking off your shoes might help as Mother Earth sucks all negative energies through our feet. Enjoy a fantastic journey into your own spiritual existence.

After meditation, you will feel relaxed and your thoughts would gradually slow down. This is the first stage of meditation - where you are fully alert but without any thoughts, a state of peaceful consciousness. Now see if you can feel a gentle cool breeze in your palms and above your head. It might be warm in the beginning which is a sign that your Kundalini energy is purifying your chakras, what eventually will cool down. You can verify it by placing your left palm 6-12 inches above your head, then trying with the right palm. If you cannot feel it, say from your heart a few times, "Mother, I forgive everyone", check again and you should feel it above your head.

Balancing Techniques

Balancing the Left Channel:

When the left channel is blocked we may feel lethargic, depressed and overly affected by events in our past we feel bad about. To clear these we use the magnetic power of the earth element to clear it. Meditate with your right hand, palm down, on the earth or floor. If you are sitting on a chair, let it hang down by your side. Say inside, from your heart “O Divine, please remove all imbalances from my left channel”. You can also ask the healing energy of the Mother Earth to absorb any imbalances you have in your left (emotional) channel. Close eyes and observe sensations on the left palm.

This will help you if:
~ Your left hand feels warmer or heavier than your right while meditating.
~ You feel sad, exhausted, overly emotional or depressed.
~ You feel lethargic or too much sleepy without any reason

Balancing the Right Channel:

When the right channel is overactive we feel stressed or “overheated” from too much thinking, planning or activity. To clear this hold your left hand up with the palm facing backwards for a minute or two so the heat can escape into the air. Say inside “O Divine, please clear my right channel” or ask the air element to clear the stress and heat from your body. Close your eyes and observe your sensations on the right palm. If you feel tingling or heat on your right palm, remain in this position until the sensation of tingling or heat goes away and you start feeling coolness.

Balancing right channel will help you if:
~ Your right hand feels warmer or heavier than your left while meditating.
~ You can’t stop thinking/planning, are stressed or angry.
~ You have problems sleeping.

Clearing Techniques

Foot Soaking:

The most recommended clearing technique is to take a foot-soak (around 10-15 minutes) every day after coming back from work or before going to bed. Here you put your feet in a tub having water and a pinch of salt. This helps to take out the negative energies within and you can feel relaxed almost immediately. Here is one short video clip on how to do it at home. If you are near the sea or lake or a river, you can have your foot-soak there.

Using Ice-Pack:

It is an emergency treatment to immediately calm down any stress feelings, and it is very effective after a stressful working day. Here you take an ice pack (you can also use a plastic bag filled with ice cubes) and put it at right side of your belly, where we have our liver. This helps to cool down our liver and our right sympathetic nervous system that goes into an imbalance due to over-activity. Here is one short video clip on how to do it.

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We have ongoing guided sessions almost every day in the week. Feel free to join us for the ultimate experience. For your information, Sahaja Yoga Meditation is always free and you will never be charged for this great knowledge and the experiences.

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