Experience Inner Peace
Experience Inner Peace


For Better Health &
Peace Of Mind

Meditation is a state where one unites with one’s own self, where the cosmic silence engulfs the present moment and the mind becomes thoughtless. The more we progress in this journey of meditation, more we become peaceful. It is an actual happening where the microcosm becomes one with macrocosm and eternal consciousness prevails. To enjoy this great feeling of oneness, we offer meditation courses for everyone, from beginners to advanced.

In today’s world when we experience stress at every level and feel overwhelmed, we try all possible ways to come out of it. Fortunately, there is a built-in solution within us, what got evolved as we did. This can provide us an easy way to get peaceful and healthy. Through our meditation technique this energy can be awakened and you should at least try the beginners course for few weeks to find how effective it is.

This inner system of energy centers and channels governs our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. We all can meditate for just few minutes and awaken this inner spiritual energy, called Kundalini. Once awakened, this inner energy takes us through a beautiful journey. This natural technique of meditation is very easy to follow and the journey is very joy giving. And it costs nothing to practice this course of meditation, which targets beginners as well as intermediate and advanced practitioners.

This meditation course connects us to the all-pervading cosmic energy, enriching every aspect of our lives. It makes us more peaceful and following the path of transformation we become more positive and better human beings. And the inner joy shines in our beings. This journey of meditation has transformed tens of thousands of people all over the world.

Founder of this meditation technique, Mrs. Nirmala Shrivastava named it Sahaja-Yoga. For this unique discovery of her, to achieve inner and world peace through meditation, she was awarded United Nation’s Peace Prize and was nominated for Nobel Peace Prize multiple times. She never charged any money for her work, and offered her courses free of cost, all over the world.

Our courses for mental and physical wellbeing are adopted by many government and private organizations all over the world; this course is even embraced by UNESCO as a part of their wellness program. You can read how this meditation may help us to handle stress situations in our daily lives. Our meditation courses always come free of cost, but its benefits are simply endless, few of those are captured here.