Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions

Kundalini is a kind of advance yoga. Is it ok for person like me?

It’s the easiest thing to do if you are an awakened person. Even a child can do it. Those people who say that Kundalini is difficult are the people who have no idea of Kundalini at all.

What is Kundalini? Is “Kundalini” a person or the technique?

Kundalini is the evolutionary, feminine energy of the divine Mother or the essence of evolution, which nourishes, balances

and purifies. She exists in a latent form in every human being, residing in the sacrum bone in three and a half coils. When awakened properly, the Kundalini travels upwards through the central channel, subtly and painlessly cleansing and integrating all the chakras, emerging at the apex of the skull and manifesting as a blissful breeze-like sensation on the head and hands. It is at this point that Self-Realization takes place. This state is maintained through daily meditation. (Kundala means “coil.”) This Kundalini is your mother, your individual mother. She knows everything about you. She has everything recorded in Her inner coils just like a tape recorder. She knows everything and She is very anxious to give you your Realization. She is the reflection of the Primordial Mother, the Holy Ghost. And She is just waiting.

How to stop the thoughts? Is there a way to stop our thoughts during our meditation?

Mother kundalini, the energy that is inside us helps us to be in thoughtless spontaneously. And it is our own desire which makes kundalini to cross our agnya chakra and let us be in thoughtlessness. To help kundalini in this, in crossing the agnya chakra we would need to forgive everyone.

Inability to forgive others gives lot of unnecessary thoughts. We helplessly torture ourselves for people who actually tortured us. The energy center in our forehead helps us to overcome this limitation. To be thoughtless during meditation we can simply put our right hand on forehead and then taking following affirmation:
"Mother kundalini I forgive everyone, including myself"

Moving the right hand, for the rainbow. How can we use only our left hand? Can't we move that instead of right hand?

Left hand is the desire power, this energy comes to us and cleanses us. And the right hand is the power of action. We use it to activate our physical channel and we do it by using our right hand. We may even just use our attention on a particular chakra to raise our meditative state all together. They are like right and left wheels of a chariot and attention as a horse in front to allow its progress.

I was told that first chakra is overactive and fourth one is weak. What is meant by over-active and weak?

Our chakras supply energy to different parts of the body and to the organs. Now if any of our organs is overactive, that starts draining more energy from related chakra. As a result that chakra becomes overactive. And eventually the constant drainage of energy from a specific chakra makes that chakra little weak. It is not necessary that only physical activities would drain energy from the chakras, it can well be our mental or emotional overactivity, making them weak.