Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions

I have a chronic pain. Is there any imbalance in the chakras?

Sahaja Yoga meditation helps to fight chronic ailments. Once you meditate regularly, your enlightened awareness would start identifying the imbalances, and you can clear them through Sahaja Yoga techniques. We would suggest you to attend collective sessions and meditate with others.

Why while meditating I am having a vomiting sensation?

When our body is out of balance, the kundalini energy may try to remove our imbalances that are within us. We can clear our left and right channels ourselves. If you feel nausea it will be better to sit on mother earth and meditate. Meditation by sitting on the ground or on grass would certainly help with this. The Earth element cleanses our chakras by absorbing the impurities.

When I say, 'I forgive myself' or 'I am not feeling guilty', I still feel I am not there, as I have done so many mistakes in life. What should I do?

You should not be guilty for what you have done. Also do not to feel bad about your mistakes, your meditation would give you the strength so that we do not repeat them. The mistakes we have committed, for that we should not feel guilty at all, we should face it and correct it. And that's how you can truly overcome your guilt.

You can also do following simple step and this would certainly help to improve your state of meditation:

Put your right hand on the neck and shoulder joint at the left towards the back of the neck (as shown), move your head to your right and say in your heart “I am not guilty”   - for 16 times.

I have learnt the meditation steps on first day, do we have to do all of these steps of the self-realization process every time?

In the beginning, to receive self-realization we do these steps. This helps us to awaken our kundalini energy and to open our chakras, so that we receive our self-realization. Once kundalini is awakened within us, we don’t have to do it. But for any reason if our attention becomes weak, we may need to follow these steps, that way we would start feeling the energy flowing in hands once again, giving a better meditation experience.

I feel a lot of heat in my hands and in my head that is coming out.

If you feel a lot of heat, it is because of imbalance in some of the energy centres. You can recognize them on your fingertips as a hot or tinglning sensation. Kundalini energy moves slowly and gently and if any imbalances are present inside it clears them out and removes the obstacle. You will also find specific techniques to clear out the chakras through certain simple practices in Sahaja Yoga.